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Creamy Pasta with Spinach and Sundried Tomatoes 

I absolutely love cooking with spinach! Not only does it taste nice and is very healthy, it is SO colourful and pretty!

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Carrot and Halloumi burgers

My sister sent me this recipe and said it was the best vegetarian burgers she’s ever tried. I must admit, I was a bit unsure as I’m not the biggest fan of halloumi (it’s too squeaky!) but they really are delicious, easy and quick to make and they can become as fancy as you’d like depending on what you serve them with. The recipe recommends a quinoa salad with humus but I’ve made them with sweet potato fries and tzatziki and it’s very, very nice!

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Fennel and artichoke stuffed peppers 

I wasn’t sure what I’d think about this one (I didn’t pick the recipe) as fennel isn’t exactly something I use in my cooking everyday but I must say it was banging! Continue reading “Fennel and artichoke stuffed peppers “

Courgette and spinach quiche with potato crust 

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