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Pasta with Bacon and Gorgonzola 

This was a favourite of mine at Uni but I haven’t thought of it for years! I have had a few trips down memory lane lately and gone through loads of old photos from Uni and I guess the recipe just came back to me – I was delighted to re-establish the acquaintance!

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Birthday Mash and Birthday Cake!

It’s my other half’s birthday today and he had asked for Bangers and Mash for dinner. How low key is that!? It did mean I had more time to spend on the cake and I decided to surprise him with something he’s never had before: Guinness Cake!

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Salmon with Feta Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes 

We had some sundried tomatoes leftover from last week so I thought I’d do this really tasty and easy salmon dish. Oh, you’re wondering where the veg is? Well, yeah, I forgot the lovely broccoli in the fridge… Ah well!

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Fridge Clearance Tuna

We didn’t really have anything thought for dinner tonight so we went for Kylskåpsrensning, which translates as fridge clearance. Now fridge clearance turned fancy as we had some tuna steaks at home! And it didn’t turn out half bad.

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Meatballs with mustard mash

Happy Meatballs Day! Yes, it is a thing. We have a national meatball day in Sweden. And it is a great day! To be fair, we like having days for things; waffle day, cinnamon day, kladdkaka day, there’s even a broccoli day (July 1st)!

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Cinnamon buns


The other day at work there was a morning meeting where they served breakfast. I can totally understand croissants being served and just about accept the pain au chocolate but I simply can not wrap my  Scandinavian rye-head around the fact that cinnamon rolls/swirls are served for breakfast. They’re sweet? They won’t fill you up? Continue reading “Cinnamon buns”

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