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Crayfish Party (Kräftskiva)

August is crayfish season in Sweden and we celebrate by throwing a party! Why not!? What better way to eat crayfish other than wearing silly hats and bibs and decorating your flat with moon men lamps and paper made crayfish decorations?

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Friday night Tacos is a modern classic in Sweden. Some marketing genius came up with the term Fredagsmys (litteraly translated as cosy Friday, but it means staying in on a Friday and be with your loved ones) and Tacos has become a major part of that.

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Flying Jakob 

Yes, for real, there is a Swedish dish called Flying Jakob. It doesn’t look like a high class dish and you will be very doubtful when reading what’s in it but it is so good. So good! One of my childhood favourites that’s remained a favourite.

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Cinnamon Salmon

This is one of my favourite things to cook. Mainly because it’s a combination of flavours most people haven’t tried and it’s always a pleasure to see peoples faces as they (after a very skeptical start) come around to the idea of cinnamon on salmon. Unfortunately I can’t take any credit for the combination, my mum has been cooking this for many years and where she got it from I have no idea. It wouldn’t surprise me if she took the wrong jar once and sprinkled cinnamon rather than a herb on there. Almost like when my friend Peter put cayenne instead of cinnamon in his apple crumble…. I wouldn’t recommend that one though! Continue reading “Cinnamon Salmon”

Swedish Strawberry Cake (Gräddtårta) 

If you’re looking for something very Swedish you need to look no further cause this is it! Strawberry Cake. I’m slightly biased (being Swedish and the sponge recipe being my grandma’s) but this is heaven on a plate.  Continue reading “Swedish Strawberry Cake (Gräddtårta) “

Swedish brownie (kladdkaka) 

We had our old landlord over for dinner tonight so I just had to make something Swedish. Tadah- kladdkaka is the answer to all of your problems my friend!  Continue reading “Swedish brownie (kladdkaka) “

Cinnamon buns


The other day at work there was a morning meeting where they served breakfast. I can totally understand croissants being served and just about accept the pain au chocolate but I simply can not wrap my  Scandinavian rye-head around the fact that cinnamon rolls/swirls are served for breakfast. They’re sweet? They won’t fill you up? Continue reading “Cinnamon buns”

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