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Fridge Clearance Tuna

We didn’t really have anything thought for dinner tonight so we went for Kylskåpsrensning, which translates as fridge clearance. Now fridge clearance turned fancy as we had some tuna steaks at home! And it didn’t turn out half bad.

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Crayfish Party (Kräftskiva)

August is crayfish season in Sweden and we celebrate by throwing a party! Why not!? What better way to eat crayfish other than wearing silly hats and bibs and decorating your flat with moon men lamps and paper made crayfish decorations?

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Cinnamon Salmon

This is one of my favourite things to cook. Mainly because it’s a combination of flavours most people haven’t tried and it’s always a pleasure to see peoples faces as they (after a very skeptical start) come around to the idea of cinnamon on salmon. Unfortunately I can’t take any credit for the combination, my mum has been cooking this for many years and where she got it from I have no idea. It wouldn’t surprise me if she took the wrong jar once and sprinkled cinnamon rather than a herb on there. Almost like when my friend Peter put cayenne instead of cinnamon in his apple crumble…. I wouldn’t recommend that one though! Continue reading “Cinnamon Salmon”

Tuna burgers 

Nothing says Friday and end of the work week like a smashing burger, eh? Specially when you don’t have to cook it yourself! Big thanks to the boyfriend for this Friday treat. Continue reading “Tuna burgers “

Prawn linguine 

Quick and tasty, just the way I like my dinners! Particularly after I come home from work and have to unpack an ocado order before I can get cooking.  Continue reading “Prawn linguine “

Salmon tart

Last week my partner came to me and suggested we do a vegetarian week. Or, a pescetarian week as I’m allergic to beans and lentils (all legumes actually) which wouldn’t leave me much to eat in a vegetarian diet.

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