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Salmon with Feta Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes 

We had some sundried tomatoes leftover from last week so I thought I’d do this really tasty and easy salmon dish. Oh, you’re wondering where the veg is? Well, yeah, I forgot the lovely broccoli in the fridge… Ah well!

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Cinnamon Salmon

This is one of my favourite things to cook. Mainly because it’s a combination of flavours most people haven’t tried and it’s always a pleasure to see peoples faces as they (after a very skeptical start) come around to the idea of cinnamon on salmon. Unfortunately I can’t take any credit for the combination, my mum has been cooking this for many years and where she got it from I have no idea. It wouldn’t surprise me if she took the wrong jar once and sprinkled cinnamon rather than a herb on there. Almost like when my friend Peter put cayenne instead of cinnamon in his apple crumble…. I wouldn’t recommend that one though! Continue reading “Cinnamon Salmon”

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