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Pasta with Bacon and Gorgonzola 

This was a favourite of mine at Uni but I haven’t thought of it for years! I have had a few trips down memory lane lately and gone through loads of old photos from Uni and I guess the recipe just came back to me – I was delighted to re-establish the acquaintance!

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Roast Chicken Salad with Melon

We tried out our new Le Creuset today and used it to roast a whole chicken to have with our salad! I loved it, I felt like such a grown up and the chicken came out perfect!

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Tarragon Chicken and Roasted Mini Potatoes 

I love a good sauce with my food! And the sauce tonight did not disappoint; I confess I licked my plate (sorry dad).

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Zesty Chicken Fajitas

I really like the simplicity of Fajitas and this recipe has become a favourite in our household! My partner likes really spicy food and I’m not very good with it at all, so by keeping the chilies on the side we’ve come to a good compromise. The zesty sauce was an instant hit with me!

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Grilled Chicken Legs with Quinoa 

It might not look spectacular this dish but it was definitely a winner!

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Chicken with sundried tomatoes and pesto 

This dish has definitely become a favourite in this household. It’s super easy and quick to make and doesn’t require too many ingredients.

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Warm salad with lemon and ginger chicken 

I’ve become quite a big fan of warm potato salads. Growing up my mums cold and creamy potato salad with apples (will make this at some point) was always my favourite and I was never a fan of “plain” potato salads.

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Flying Jakob 

Yes, for real, there is a Swedish dish called Flying Jakob. It doesn’t look like a high class dish and you will be very doubtful when reading what’s in it but it is so good. So good! One of my childhood favourites that’s remained a favourite.

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Pasta salad 

It’s a sunny sunny day and all I could think of eating was a nice cold pasta salad. It hardly counts as cooking but it was all I could manage on a day like this. You can tell I’m definitely from a nordic country as I can’t function when it’s over 25 degrees.  Continue reading “Pasta salad “

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