I love a good sauce with my food! And the sauce tonight did not disappoint; I confess I licked my plate (sorry dad).

My week nights are all about having dinner ready as soon as possible and even though I love a good roasted potato they do take much too long to cook, so I cheat and chop them really small on week days. I would obviously never dream of tiny roasted potatoes on Sundays, I’m pretty sure that’s actually a crime.

Start by chopping the potatoes small and spread out on a baking tray, toss around with a little bit of oil and salt and pepper. They take roughly 15-20 minutes in 200 degrees.

I butterfly the chicken (slicing it almost the whole way through and then open it up flat), again this is to save time when cooking. Brown both sides and then add mustard (I prefer wholegrain and use about 1 tbsp for two portions), tarragon (I used tarragon paste this time as my local shop didn’t have any fresh and it was delicious!) and creme fraiche (roughly 3 tbsp for two portions). Simmer for a few minutes until the chicken is cooked through and serve with greens of your choice. Quick, fairly healthy and SO nice!