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January 2017

Birthday Mash and Birthday Cake!

It’s my other half’s birthday today and he had asked for Bangers and Mash for dinner. How low key is that!? It did mean I had more time to spend on the cake and I decided to surprise him with something he’s never had before: Guinness Cake!

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Salmon with Feta Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes 

We had some sundried tomatoes leftover from last week so I thought I’d do this really tasty and easy salmon dish. Oh, you’re wondering where the veg is? Well, yeah, I forgot the lovely broccoli in the fridge… Ah well!

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Roast Chicken Salad with Melon

We tried out our new Le Creuset today and used it to roast a whole chicken to have with our salad! I loved it, I felt like such a grown up and the chicken came out perfect!

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Fridge Clearance Tuna

We didn’t really have anything thought for dinner tonight so we went for Kylskåpsrensning, which translates as fridge clearance. Now fridge clearance turned fancy as we had some tuna steaks at home! And it didn’t turn out half bad.

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Tarragon Chicken and Roasted Mini Potatoes 

I love a good sauce with my food! And the sauce tonight did not disappoint; I confess I licked my plate (sorry dad).

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Creamy Pasta with Spinach and Sundried Tomatoes 

I absolutely love cooking with spinach! Not only does it taste nice and is very healthy, it is SO colourful and pretty!

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Zesty Chicken Fajitas

I really like the simplicity of Fajitas and this recipe has become a favourite in our household! My partner likes really spicy food and I’m not very good with it at all, so by keeping the chilies on the side we’ve come to a good compromise. The zesty sauce was an instant hit with me!

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Carrot and Halloumi burgers

My sister sent me this recipe and said it was the best vegetarian burgers she’s ever tried. I must admit, I was a bit unsure as I’m not the biggest fan of halloumi (it’s too squeaky!) but they really are delicious, easy and quick to make and they can become as fancy as you’d like depending on what you serve them with. The recipe recommends a quinoa salad with humus but I’ve made them with sweet potato fries and tzatziki and it’s very, very nice!

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