We decided to try a HelloFresh recipe and I didn’t really know what to expect but it was amazing! I’m not very good when it comes to thinking outside the box with beef, I’ll use minced beef a lot but apart from that beef is either a nice steak or Sunday Roast to me. I wouldn’t do a soup or a salad with beef on my own, I’d need a recipe or someone to give me an idea, so it was great to kick the week off with this.

I started off by rubbing the beef with some olive oil, salt and pepper. While the potatoes were boiling I made a dressing out of garlic (2), fresh oregano, fresh parsley, olive oil (1,5 tbsp), red wine vinegar (1,5 tbsp) and chili flakes by chopping the garlic and herbs finely and grinding them in a mortar (or use a spoon) and then whisking well using a fork with the red wine vinegar. With about 6 minutes left for the potatoes to cook I fried the meat 2,5min on each side before I left it to the side to rest for a few minutes. When I had drained the potatoes I put the spinach in there and popped the lid back on to let the spinach steam for a bit. I poured half of the dressing over the potatoes and spinach and mixed well. I sliced the meat and poured some dressing over. This is definitely a new household favourite!