August is crayfish season in Sweden and we celebrate by throwing a party! Why not!? What better way to eat crayfish other than wearing silly hats and bibs and decorating your flat with moon men lamps and paper made crayfish decorations?

There isn’t much cooking involved, that’s true, but it as a party worth mentioning. Eating crayfish is quite time consuming and (spoiler alert!) there isn’t actually much meat on them, so to make sure that the Swedish snaps doesn’t get the better of you there’s a type of Smörgåsbord to ensure you don’t leave the party hungry. Baguettes, cheeses (the best one is the Swedish Västerbotten cheese!) aioli, prawns and quiches. At least there I could do some cooking and I made a spinach quiche and a kantarell quiche. Kantarell is a lovely mushroom that grows in Sweden and is considered the gold of the forest where I’m from. My mum has got lost on several occasions when she’s been more focused on finding the kantarell rather than remembering the route she’s on….

I cheated, again, when it came to the crust and bought ready made one. For the spinach quiche I fried frozen chopped spinach to reduce as much moisture as possible before adding nutmeg, salt and pepper. Pre bake the crust for a few minutes, whisk together 2 eggs with 200ml of milk/single cream (or 100ml each), lots of salt and pepper (you always need more than you’d think) and grate some cheese of your choice (I went for the Swedish one, of course) to the mix. Put the spinach on top of the crust and pour over the egg mix. Cook for about 20 minutes in 175 degrees. It shouldn’t wobble when you take it out.

For the kantarell quiche, follow the recipe above but fry the mushroom in butter with just salt and pepper. When the ingredient taste good you don’t need too much seasoning!

Ready cooked (frozen) crayfish can be bought on or at TotallySwedish. Decorations, snaps and Västerbotten cheese can be found at TotallySwedish. Now dare to try it!

FYI- in Sweden snaps is served on most formal occasions, and you have to sing a song before you drink it, every time, and you’re not allowed to start eating until you’ve had a snaps!