Yes, for real, there is a Swedish dish called Flying Jakob. It doesn’t look like a high class dish and you will be very doubtful when reading what’s in it but it is so good. So good! One of my childhood favourites that’s remained a favourite.

Apparently the story behind this dish is a student who used all the things he had in his fridge and the result turned out so great decades later we’re still eating it. I hope that’s a true story, everyone has done some odd combinations when the fridge is empty, so next time, if it’s good, name it with a very strange name and you might have created a classic.

So, start by covering the bottom with cooked rice. Then put chicken (I always prefer to buy  grilled chicken and cut it to pieces but pretty much any will do) and bananas on top off the rice. Yes, bananas. Then whip some cream (depending on how much rice and chicken you have, but say 200-300ml) and mix with Heinz Chili Sauce (now this could possibly be something Heinz doesn’t sell in many countries, but if you can’t find it use ketchup, tomato puree and chili) and season. Spread over the rice, chicken and bananas. Use a ford to give the sauce room to get in to the rice. Sprinkle some peanuts on top and bake in the oven until it’s got a golden brown top.

I know it sounds weird, but it really is lovely!