Midweek Mmm!

I’m going home to Sweden for a few days (be prepared for a few Scandi dishes over the next few days) so I thought I’d do something nice for dinner. And quick, because I need to pack! I’m a bit funny when it comes to sweet potatoes, if I’m in the mood I absolutely love them but it one of those flavours I can get tired of. I was in a loving mood today though and they did the trick with the sirloin steak. I do occasionally make my own bearnaise sauce, but not today, it’s only Wednesday after all.

I’m always nervous about cooking meat, but today I managed to get them to a perfect medium-rare. I bought thin cut sirloin steak and cooked them on high heat for 40-45 seconds on each side. Someone might very well say that this is totally wrong, but what I usually do when I cook meat is melt butter in some oil and then season the butter as it melts, I find that it brings extra flavour to the meat.