Apple crumble is my favourite dessert in the whole world. Seriously, if I ever say no to an apple crumble I am probably very very ill and you should be worried. But, on a lovely summer’s day it felt a bit too autumn-y, even for me. So I decided to do a blueberry crumble.

I’ve said this before and I am even more sure of it now: Swedish blueberries are a million times better than British. In Sweden we actually call the type of blueberries you find in the super markets here for American blueberries, and they really are different. First of all they’re bigger over here, but with half as much taste. And the colour is nothing compared to the ones I’m used to back home. And the texture is even different, they feel fake over here… So even though I knew I shouldn’t have been disappointed when I tried the crumble, I was. I had hoped that the blueberries miraculously had doubled, nay tripled, in taste whilst it was cooking in the oven and I was hoping for that sweet sweet taste of the blueberry crumbles of my past. Alas, it was not to be. The actual crumble was cracking though, I’m pretty good at that bit. Should’ve hoped so with all the practice I’ve had!

I melt butter, a large knob, and pour in some Swedish sirap (sort of syrup, which would probably work instead, otherwise, go to TotallySwedish), take it off the heat and stir in sugar (say maybe 100ml) and oats and plain flour until it’s got a nice crumbly feel. Then I just pour it over the fruit/berries and let it cook until golden brown.