It’s a sunny sunny day and all I could think of eating was a nice cold pasta salad. It hardly counts as cooking but it was all I could manage on a day like this. You can tell I’m definitely from a nordic country as I can’t function when it’s over 25 degrees. 

I remember eating so much pasta salad during the summers when I was little. Going to the beach for the day? Make a quick pasta salad and bring. Going out with the boat? Pasta salad. Day trip? Pasta salad. It’s a family classic. In this one I had pasta, feta cheese, cucumber, radish, plum tomatoes, sweet corn, red onion, pepper and chicken. I cooked the chicken fillets whole in a frying pan, mainly because I really enjoy slicing a whole fillet (I’m weird, I know). I also made a quick dressing of sour cream, sweet chilli sauce, seasoning, tomato paste.