This is one of my favourite things to cook. Mainly because it’s a combination of flavours most people haven’t tried and it’s always a pleasure to see peoples faces as they (after a very skeptical start) come around to the idea of cinnamon on salmon. Unfortunately I can’t take any credit for the combination, my mum has been cooking this for many years and where she got it from I have no idea. It wouldn’t surprise me if she took the wrong jar once and sprinkled cinnamon rather than a herb on there. Almost like when my friend Peter put cayenne instead of cinnamon in his apple crumble…. I wouldn’t recommend that one though!

This is a very simple dish but it feels quite luxurious. Just season the salmon with salt and pepper and then put quite a bit of cinnamon on top. You do need quite a bit of cinnamon for the flavour to come through properly. The sauce is what gives this dish the scandi-twist; it’s got dill in it. Us Swedes love dill, we use it with everything. We good our new potatoes with dill! And with this sauce I chopped half a red onion, a bit more than half an apple and a lot of dill and then mixed in a little bit of mayonnaise, a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper, honey and then sour cream until it’s got a nice feel to it (and taste). I use quite shard apples and a lot of ditt but this is all up to your personal preference. Sometimes I have this with roasted potatoes but I do prefer it with just boiled or steamed new potatoes. And some asparagus. Now dare to try it!