So after eating out for days and days and days I was finally back in my own kitchen today and on the menu was risotto. I love risotto but for years I told myself that it was SO difficult to make and that it wasn’t worth risking as it fails too often. And when I decided to finally try it out, without sounding too cheeky, I realised it was so easy! To quote Take That “have a little patience” and it will sort itself out pretty much.

Now I don’t have any great tips or so, I’ve done like most recipes says and kept the stock simmering on the side before pouring it in bit by bit so the temperatures doesn’t differ too much and then I’ve not been bothered to that and noticed no difference. I’ve poured the stock or wine in little by little as many recipes says and then I’ve also poured a whole lot of liquid in there and not noticed much difference. So I don’t have any revolutionary ideas to mastering the art of risotto. What I will say though is to have patience and don’t let it cook to quickly. And stir. But, the tip I’m really gonna give is to squeeze a bit f lemon juice over the mushrooms when you fry them. This brings out so much flavour! I do it whenever I cook mushrooms, particularly mushroom soup (can’t wait until autumn when I can get stuck into all my soups!). Oh, and don’t bother with the instructions for the liquid – I use 250g risotto rice for 4 portions and then as much liquid (wine and stock) as it takes to make it perfect.

With this one I fried 2 shallots, 1 clove of garlic and one pack of mushrooms (with some lemon juice, not too much though) before adding the rice for a bit. Then adding wine and chicken stock bit by bit and watched it simmer away into this creamy heaven. I fried some chicken on the side to have with it, mostly cause we had it in the fridge and I know that not all people like eating risotto on it’s own (surprise surprise, I do!)