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August 2016

Meatballs with mustard mash

Happy Meatballs Day! Yes, it is a thing. We have a national meatball day in Sweden. And it is a great day! To be fair, we like having days for things; waffle day, cinnamon day, kladdkaka day, there’s even a broccoli day (July 1st)!

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Friday night Tacos is a modern classic in Sweden. Some marketing genius came up with the term Fredagsmys (litteraly translated as cosy Friday, but it means staying in on a Friday and be with your loved ones) and Tacos has become a major part of that.

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Chicken with sundried tomatoes and pesto 

This dish has definitely become a favourite in this household. It’s super easy and quick to make and doesn’t require too many ingredients.

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Warm salad with lemon and ginger chicken 

I’ve become quite a big fan of warm potato salads. Growing up my mums cold and creamy potato salad with apples (will make this at some point) was always my favourite and I was never a fan of “plain” potato salads.

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Flying Jakob 

Yes, for real, there is a Swedish dish called Flying Jakob. It doesn’t look like a high class dish and you will be very doubtful when reading what’s in it but it is so good. So good! One of my childhood favourites that’s remained a favourite.

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Sirloin with Sweet Potato Fries 

Midweek Mmm!

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Blueberry Crumble

Apple crumble is my favourite dessert in the whole world. Seriously, if I ever say no to an apple crumble I am probably very very ill and you should be worried. But, on a lovely summer’s day it felt a bit too autumn-y, even for me. So I decided to do a blueberry crumble.

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Pasta salad 

It’s a sunny sunny day and all I could think of eating was a nice cold pasta salad. It hardly counts as cooking but it was all I could manage on a day like this. You can tell I’m definitely from a nordic country as I can’t function when it’s over 25 degrees.  Continue reading “Pasta salad “

Banana bread

We had a massive bunch of ripe bananas at home so I decided to make some banana bread to bring in to work. We’re really bad at work, nearly every day someone has made something or bought some treats and brought in.  Continue reading “Banana bread”

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