Ah, that Monday blues when you come home from work and realise that the weekend did not have enough hours for doing absolutely nothing as well as cleaning, doing paperwork or going to the gym so it all needs to be done now! In times like these I turn to stirfry.

I love a good stirfry! You can make it completely different each time, you can take a bit of time and chop up all vegetables or just buy a ready made pack, you can have it with beef, chicken tofu, salmon, rice, noodles – there pretty much isn’y anything you can’t put in a stifry. Today I went for the super easy and quick option, which I often do on weekdays, and bought a ready stirfry mix of vegetables (it didn’t have peppers in it though so I just added that) which I fried with a couple of chicken fillets. I then added curry powder, cumin, turmeric, a little bit of soy sauce (well, that was the plan, it was one of those splashy bottles) and then I normally add a tiny bit of ketchup and a bit of sweet chili sauce just before I put the rice in. It’s a classic here at home and it hits the spot every time! We had some coriander left from the weekend so I sprinkled that over today which worked brilliantly.

But the best thing is how colourful it is, I just love food that has loads of colour in it!