Nothing says Friday and end of the work week like a smashing burger, eh? Specially when you don’t have to cook it yourself! Big thanks to the boyfriend for this Friday treat.

I had never actually heard of tuna steaks before I moved to the UK, to me tuna was something you bought in a tin and ate when you are short for time. I always liked it but trying a tuna steak for the first time blew me away- so delicious. These burgers were made from tuna steaks (mixed with fresh coriander, lime, mayonnaise and seasoning) and they tasted amazing. So moist! I added my usual mayo and sweet chili sauce dressing to it and it really was one of the best burgers I’ve had. Next time we’re serving them with sweet potato fries as well- I’m already looking forward to it!

Did I miss meat at all this week? Definitely not. I don’t think my partner did either, which is what I was hoping for. Now, where’s that bacon??