I wasn’t sure what I’d think about this one (I didn’t pick the recipe) as fennel isn’t exactly something I use in my cooking everyday but I must say it was banging!

The recipe is (once again) from Sainsburys Healthy Food and I did follow it pretty much all the way through (it’s too boring playing exactly by the books!). Roasted the fennel and mixed it with artichoke hearts, basil, plum tomatoes and a pepper and ricotta pasta sauce. You know sometimes when you order things online and it doesn’t turn out exactly as you’d planned? Well this was one of those times as it turned out that we’d ordered a jar of pasta sauce for toddlers. It was still nice, and very smooth! I then tore some ciabatta into small pieces and let them soak in olive oil mixed with garlic and basil. And then it was just to stuff the peppers and top with goats cheese. Pretty simple and very delicious!