Last week my partner came to me and suggested we do a vegetarian week. Or, a pescetarian week as I’m allergic to beans and lentils (all legumes actually) which wouldn’t leave me much to eat in a vegetarian diet.

It turned out that he wasn’t actually serious about it but I was over the moon with the suggestion (I say over the moon- I was singing and dancing like the best of musicals in my head. “He’s getting out of the meat box!” Sung by myself as he crawled out of a lady Gaga style meat suit and had dancers lifting him up and spin him around. Something like that, it needs more work) and we decided to go ahead.

First up: Salmon tart! I found a recipe on the BBC website that I used as inspiration and it was super easy. I used ready rolled pastry (I know mum, it is cheating. But it was a long day at work and I just can’t make puff pastry that good!), mixed creme fraiche with whole grain mustard, lemon and seasoning and spread it over the pre baked pastry and sprinkled spinach and salmon on top and baked for a few more minutes.

It was lovely and perfect as dinner on a hot summer’s day.