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July 2016

Swedish Strawberry Cake (Gräddtårta) 

If you’re looking for something very Swedish you need to look no further cause this is it! Strawberry Cake. I’m slightly biased (being Swedish and the sponge recipe being my grandma’s) but this is heaven on a plate.  Continue reading “Swedish Strawberry Cake (Gräddtårta) “


Swedish brownie (kladdkaka) 

We had our old landlord over for dinner tonight so I just had to make something Swedish. Tadah- kladdkaka is the answer to all of your problems my friend!  Continue reading “Swedish brownie (kladdkaka) “

Stir Fry

Ah, that Monday blues when you come home from work and realise that the weekend did not have enough hours for doing absolutely nothing as well as cleaning, doing paperwork or going to the gym so it all needs to be done now! In times like these I turn to stirfry.

Continue reading “Stir Fry”

Cinnamon buns


The other day at work there was a morning meeting where they served breakfast. I can totally understand croissants being served and just about accept the pain au chocolate but I simply can not wrap my  Scandinavian rye-head around the fact that cinnamon rolls/swirls are served for breakfast. They’re sweet? They won’t fill you up? Continue reading “Cinnamon buns”

Tuna burgers 

Nothing says Friday and end of the work week like a smashing burger, eh? Specially when you don’t have to cook it yourself! Big thanks to the boyfriend for this Friday treat. Continue reading “Tuna burgers “

Fennel and artichoke stuffed peppers 

I wasn’t sure what I’d think about this one (I didn’t pick the recipe) as fennel isn’t exactly something I use in my cooking everyday but I must say it was banging! Continue reading “Fennel and artichoke stuffed peppers “

Courgette and spinach quiche with potato crust 

Midweek meltdown! Continue reading “Courgette and spinach quiche with potato crust “

Prawn linguine 

Quick and tasty, just the way I like my dinners! Particularly after I come home from work and have to unpack an ocado order before I can get cooking.  Continue reading “Prawn linguine “

Salmon tart

Last week my partner came to me and suggested we do a vegetarian week. Or, a pescetarian week as I’m allergic to beans and lentils (all legumes actually) which wouldn’t leave me much to eat in a vegetarian diet.

Continue reading “Salmon tart”

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